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Our Economic Impact

Working out of ports from Victoria to the Alaska border, our member-companies serve as a vital gateway between Canada and the world. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Canada’s West Coast ports are essential in the safe and efficient delivery of goods for Canadians.

BCMEA member-companies are a key contributor to B.C. and Canada’s economies and are a mainstay of our coastal communities. The operations of the BCMEA and its members support 96,000 jobs across the province, and hundreds of thousands more across Canada.

In 2020 alone, BCMEA member terminals handled $180 billion worth of Canadian cargo. Contributing $2.7 billion in national GDP and handling 16% of Canada’s total traded goods, B.C.’s maritime employers are a vital link in the global supply chain and significant generators in the economic engine of Canada.

Economic Impact By the Numbers


Paid annually by members in taxation revenues to all levels of government


Private sector investments in 2020 in gateway infrastructure & expansion projects in BC


Total economic output in 2020


Jobs across BC directly and indirectly supporting Canada’s West Coast ports


of Canada’s total traded goods handled by BCMEA members


worth of cargo handled each day by BCMEA member terminals


Paid annually by members to federal Port Authorities in British Columbia


Contributed by BCMEA members in provincial GDP


Contributed in national GDP


Workers employed in BC by BCMEA members


worth of cargo handled in 2020 by BCMEA member terminals