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The British Columbia Maritime Employers Association represents 49 of B.C.’s private sector waterfront employers and operators who directly provide family-supporting jobs to more than 9,400 workers at B.C. ports.

Where ships meets shore, B.C. maritime employers are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of cargo and passengers through Canada’s West Coast ports. Moving over $500 million every day and 16% of Canada’s total traded goods annually, our members serve as Canada’s critical link in the supply chain.

The BCMEA helps to optimize our members’ operations by providing shared services in safety, training and recruitment, workforce operations, labour relations and collective bargaining, data analytics, public affairs, and human resources.

The BCMEA is committed to negotiations that recognize the efforts and skills of B.C.’s waterfront workforce, while also ensuring West Coast ports remain competitive, resilient and affordable for all Canadians.

We know that stable and reliable West Coast ports are critical to our nation’s economic and social well-being. That’s why we’re dedicated to making reasonable efforts to conclude agreements without further disruptions to the supply chain.


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Past Agreements

Past collective agreements with ILWU longshore and foremen


Our Economic Impact

British Columbia Maritime Employers economic impact by the numbers



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